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“I didn’t notice you where here”.

“That’s all right”, Eeyore said as he sat down. “Nobody ever does”.


New Eeyore mug!  He is my favourite, and you can put so much tea in this mug!  Tea is also my favourite.


bouncytrouncy said:
Eeyore I hope yeh stay safe when ole Irene comes blunderin through!!!!!

Thanks for noticing. The best thing about the rain is that it stops.. Eventually.


queenofdisney-deactivated201208 said:
I hope you're OK over the course of Irene! Stay safe! xxxx

Thank you, I truly appreciate it! I hope everyone who is in the path is safe as well. If you’re in the path, be safe. xxx

deaddoaks said:
I love your blog and Eeyore so much. Visit my blog/faveblogs - You're there!! xo

Oh wow, thank you so very much!! It is such an honour. xx

Hurricane Irene is coming, and I’m in the extreme zone.

So, if the effects are as bad as some are saying, there might be a gap in my updates! I’ve stocked my queue with a couple of things, but I’ll keep updating as much as possible.

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